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Emergency filler post

I haven't written a new post for this blog since April 16th. This is because I've decided to spend a few months in a state of near-delirium due to sleep loss, punctuated by brief periods covered in someone elses puke / wee / poo. As a result of this undertaking I now have...

  • Unusually patterned clothing;
  • A great idea for 'Vomoflage' - an entire range of clothes pre-patterned with white splodges so that no-one can tell when your tiny-person has had an upsurge on you;
  • More wrinkles;
  • More grey hairs;
  • Bags under my eyes I can actually keep things in;
  • No sense of humour;
  • More scar tissue, as a direct result trying to use anything sharp and/or heavy whilst sleep-deprived.

On the plus side, she looks pretty damn cool with this tiger!

That is all.

Look at my tiger!

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